I'm Lacy Jarvis, owner of Premier Choice Property Management, LLC.  

I recently read an article that said you should always write your professional bio in the 3rd person, but I hate that idea! 

I believe in transparency in business, and that will always start with me. 

Who am i?



And by Austinite, I mean that I'm a Texas Longhorn.  

I moved to Austin to attend UT, and I graduated with my bachelor's degree in 2011.  In that time, Austin became my home.  This company is one way I can contribute to and love it well. 

My favorite thing about managing properties in the Austin area is the diversity.  Each neighborhood has its own unique culture, and we get to meet tenants in every life stage.  Having been through many of my own life stages here, I connect personally with the experiences of renting in [and around] Austin as a student, a single adult, a newlywed, and a family.


Property Manager

I spent several years at an office job with Texas Health and Human Services.  It was meaningful, if boring, work that I enjoyed greatly.  The honest truth is this: things like collated copies and well-designed spreadsheets make me feel alive.

Property management is not what I expected for my career, but a love for the industry was fostered in me through my parents' successful company.  In their move toward retirement, Premier Choice was born.

My passion for data entry (stop laughing - I LOVE it) combines with my passion for real human relationships as we work with owners and tenants to create profitable houses and comfortable homes.



In addition to property management services, I am a fully licensed realtor.  Buying and selling, first-time home ownership, and building investment portfolios are just a few of the things that I can help you accomplish!



This handsome man is off the market! Brandon is both the hand on my shoulder keeping me grounded, and the whisper in my ear encouraging me to fly. We love serving our church, watching the office, and getting overly emotional about college football.



This cutie is the driving force behind my success, the reason this company exists, and the brightest part of every day.  In our free time, we love picnics, the bookstore, and downtown Round Rock.